[ALUG] Mint 10

Ben Whyall ben at whyall-systems.co.uk
Wed Dec 22 13:44:57 GMT 2010

On 21/12/10 08:54, Mark Rogers wrote:


> However, since the subject is Mint, have you considered the new Linux
> Mint Debian[1]? It's basically Mint on top of Debian instead of Ubuntu.
> The only issue you may have is that it's Gnome and 32-bit only
> (depending on how popular it is that will change, but rightly they're
> trying to do just one thing at a time). It's a rolling distro so it
> basically follows Debian Testing and doesn't have releases as such, as
> long as you install updates you'll always be on the latest code (for
> better or worse). On the face of it, that just sounds like Ubuntu but
> less stable :-)
> [1] http://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=1527

There is an imminent release of Mint 10 debian version which will be 

It can be changed to follow any branch of Debian I believe by modifying 
the sources for apt.


[1] http://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=1595

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