[ALUG] Echo New Line

Jonathan McDowell noodles at earth.li
Wed Jul 7 19:50:36 BST 2010

On Wed, Jul 07, 2010 at 07:20:03PM +0100, Richard Parsons wrote:
> I'm trying out edbrowse.  I've been looking for an easy to script
> browser with full javascript support for a long time, and it looks
> like it may be the ticket.
> I want to script it like this, but I don't know how to echo a new line:
> echo "e http://yahoo.com\n1,$n" | edbrowse
> How do I properly echo a new line?  I'm sure that the answer will no
> doubt make me slap my own head...

echo -e "e http://yahoo.com\n1,$n" | edbrowse

(You might want \$n instead of just $n as well - I don't know if n is
actually a variable or $n a command.)


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