[ALUG] Flash issues

samwise samwise at bagshot-row.org
Fri Jul 9 17:27:56 BST 2010

> Have tried sudo apt-get and ... it cannot find it. It lists it if I
> type ls though. I'm bewildered.
> Bev.


The apt-get command downloads pre-packaged binary files from the
Ubuntu servers and installs them.  It's rare that you would download a
package and install it manually, but if you did it would be called a
.deb file and you would use the command dpkg to install it.

What you have downloaded is a standalone library file which hasn't
been packaged up, so you don't need to install it like a package.  I
would expect you need to copy that file to your web browser's plugins
directory to enable it so that your browser will load it next time it

However, I'm beginning to wonder why you need this plugin.  I think
it's intended for debugging Flash applications and someone can correct
me if I'm wrong, but I don't think it will help you fix the fact that
your Flash plugin is currently broken.

Are you able to make it the #alug IRC channel, or even better either
the Ipswich or Norwich meets?  I'm sure you'd be able to get help with
your problem much quicker that way ...


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