[ALUG] Open source client for Exchange web interface

Dan vi5u0-alug at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 13 12:19:56 BST 2010

Dear All,

Much to my chagrin, I find myself obliged to receive mail on an
Exchange server that presents to the world only its Outlook-like web
interface.  That's right, no POP3, no IMAP, just the web interface.

It won't surprise you to learn that all I want to do with this setup
is log in, find what new messages are in the inbox, and forward them
to a friendlier mail server.

Doing this manually with a web browser, however, is a hassle, because
the web interface has no facility for forwarding multiple selected
messages simultaneously, so I have to open up each message
individually, and forward them one at a time.  (Aside: I suspect this
is a configuration option that's been chosen by the local sysadmins of
the Exchange server.  If so, they must _really_ dislike me.)

So to my (surprisingly on-topic) question: is there an open-source
client-side tool that can automate all this drudgery, please?




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