[ALUG] OpenOffice Writer errors out when saving ODT files with error saving styles.xml

Srdjan Todorovic todorovic.s at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 19 14:04:42 BST 2010

Hi All,

Got this nasty problem where OpenOffice 3.1.1 has stopped being able
to save .odt files. Earlier this morning, things were saving fine, but
now I get:

    Error saving the document $document_title: error in writing
sub-document styles.xml

I have googled for a bit and some other people have had similar
problems, where it seems that some files are corrupted.

I have tried this:

   1) opened ODT file -> save to another dir = fail with same message
   2) Opened ODT file -> save as .doc = success
   3) open the saved .doc file -> save as .odt = fail with same message
   4) close all openoffice instances, fire up soffice from command
line, new Writer document, type a few words -> save as .odt = fail
with same message
   5) Open the ODT file I had originally created and saved earlier ->
error message "Error reading file"
   6) moved ~/.ooo3/ to a different location, start openoffice and
save new file = error as before about styles.xml
   7) find /usr -iname styles.xml  returns nothing
    8) Inspected the styles.xml file in the odt file and seems ok, but
is too long for me to inspect properly.

What to do now? Seems the original file is now borked, and no one in
#Openoffice.org has been helpful.

Can anyone please suggest something I can do?
Or should I start using the Word format?


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