[ALUG] OpenOffice Writer errors out when saving ODT files with error saving styles.xml

Mark Rogers mark at quarella.co.uk
Mon Jul 19 14:23:52 BST 2010

  On 19/07/10 14:04, Srdjan Todorovic wrote:
> Can anyone please suggest something I can do?
> Or should I start using the Word format?

Is it just this file that is a problem, or can't you create a new .odt file 

If you can create a new file, try doing that and copy+pasting into it 
selectively from the .doc to see at what point it breaks. (Try copying the 
whole contents first, maybe that will just work anyway.)

My guess is that there's something in the styles which is causing it not to be 
able to turn it into valid XML, maybe an invalid character or something. You 
could try looking at the styles you have set up for anything that sounds like 
it might cause a problem (I'd say any style with non-alpha characters in its 
name would be a good starting point). Also look for anything that you changed 
this morning, eg using a new font that has a weird name or similar.

If you can't create .odt files at all then a re-install would be the obvious 
next step... Have you tried the same steps on a different PC (and/or different 
O/S or OOo version)?

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