[ALUG] 600 To 600E... Oops.

Simon Royal simonroyal at live.co.uk
Wed Jul 21 17:50:00 BST 2010

My ThinkPad 600E arrived today. Two minutes after its arrival, the CD drive, hard drive, RAM and CMOS battery was taken out of my 600 and installed in the 600E and it was booting.
A working machine except the mouse pointer was broken. Would only go up and down. Pressing it left or right sent it into a frenzy.
I decided to take the top from my 600 and put it on the 600E, and in the process broke the cable that leads down to the built in speakers, the connector came off. No worries, I had the other cable from the other top... oops... nope that broke too. Seems they are rather flimsy.
So I have a 600E 366Mhz P2 laptop which is slightly faster than my 600 300Mhz P2, but it now has no sound. Under XP it detected the audio card so I am assuming it it just the speakers out and nothing else.
Might try a hack of attaching a 3.5 jack to the end of the speaker wires and run it out of the body and into the headphone socket to get audio working through the built in speakers. Will test the socket out later.
Simon Royal

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--- IBM ThinkPad 600E running Linux Mint 9 LXDE & Windows XP & Apple iBook G3 running OSX 10.4.

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