[ALUG] Flash issues

Brett Parker iDunno at sommitrealweird.co.uk
Fri Jul 23 14:37:01 BST 2010

On 22 Jul 18:04, MJ Ray wrote:
> Marcus Harris wrote:
> > [quoting me, but dishonourably removing the attribution] 
> > > Flash is pain and should hopefully go the way of the dodo very soon,
> > > if html5 <video> with open formats takes off.  BBC are being nudged
> > > to use <video> more (I think it's already available on iPlayer for
> > > Apple - and a BBC news site redesign is coming soon) and it can't
> > > happen soon enough.
> [...]
> > Web functionality that otherwise would require some other client
> > software than the browser - lots of video, access to webcams and stuff
> > is only really available to users on GNU/Linux at this point because
> > we have a Flash player that works, [...]
> Most GNU/Linux *platforms* don't have a Flash player that works.
> Take the i386/ia64 blinkers off and show some solidarity with the
> full range of systems which would be used if it was a fair fight.

ia64? Really? Are you sure... did that actually have a flash player
ever? Do you mean x86-64?

Also, erm, I'm fairly sure that this 'ere phone of mine is arm based...
infact, having just opened a term on it and cat'd the /proc/cpuinfo, I'm
positive it is. It has a (working) flash player.

Should I take off my arm/x86/x64-64 blinkers?

Flash, for the purposes it has, is available on most consumer grade kit,
that's where the masses are.

(I'm not saying that flash is a good thing, in any way shape or form...
also, I'd like to point out that *platforms* aren't the same as number
of people actually *using* that platform, just because one can run linux
on $system doesn't mean that that system is for use as a desktop system,
I'd get rather upset if some bugger installed the flash client on my
servers after all)
Brett Parker

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