[ALUG] Fwd: Re: ThinkPad 240X & Compaq Armada M300

Simon Royal simonroyal at live.co.uk
Sat Jul 31 15:42:42 BST 2010


I see your point. I havent lost any money so far on the bits I have bought  on eBay.

A P3 500 is quite an improvement over what I have. I know both have a fairly low RAM ceiling.

My ThinkPad and Umax both ran XP and Linux Mint LXDE at a reasonable pace even with their low specs and low RAM, so these two machines while being old are still a considerable improvement and for around £20 plus the spares I have kicking around I can have a machine almost twice as fast as I have.

My question was does anyone have experience with them. I like ThinkPads and they have a good reputation with Linux but not heard anything about Compaq machines.


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Subject:	Re: [ALUG] ThinkPad 240X & Compaq Armada M300
Author:	Wayne Stallwood <ALUGlist at digimatic.co.uk>
Date:		31st July 2010 11:45

In all honesty I think you are wasting your time and money.

I didn't check out the Thinkpad but the Compaq maxes out at what 320MB ?

Even if you go for a distro with a lightweight desktop environment you 
still probably want to run a modern browser etc, that laptop is still 
last century's technology and to be honest needs to go in the bin.

Another problem with these machines is that nobody is testing the modern 
distros against them because they are so old they are off the radar now, 
so you have to expect issues with buggy ACPI etc as the foo that made 
that machine work might have fallen out of the kernel and nobody cared. 
At least with modern hardware there is a high chance that someone else 
has tried to run the same distro on the same machine and reported bugs etc.

I mean I know you said you have very limited funds to work with..but 
what you have spent on that umax plus buying either of these and did you 
buy the original thinkpads ? You wouldn't be that far off from a 2nd 
hand Netbook or sommin else a bit more recent. I mean even if you are 
managing to stuff what doesn't work back on ebay and sell for what you 
paid you are still losing postage costs and sellers fees no ?

I don't mean to sound overly negative here, but I just can't stand 
seeing someone with limited funds waste more money. I'd say try to save 
up £100 and see what that gets you...If you dump what you have so far 
back on ebay you might get halfway there.

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