[ALUG] ThinkPad 240X & Compaq Armada M300

Simon Royal simonroyal at live.co.uk
Sat Jul 31 16:36:27 BST 2010


As I said before, beggers cant be choosers. I realise a sub-1GB is not for everyone, but I only surf, write and email.

Remember I run a lightweight distro. Linux Mint LXDE is fast even on my 366Mhz P2.


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> On 31/07/10 15:39, Simon Royal wrote:
> > My ThinkPad and Umax both ran XP and Linux Mint LXDE at a reasonable pace even with their low specs and low RAM
> Heh, I think we might have different expectations when it comes to a 
> machine running at a "reasonable pace".
> Personally I don't consider XP (with antivirus and being used for 
> anything other than looking at the desktop) usable below 512MB and 
> certainly wouldn't want to spend much time on anything with less than 
> 1GB...on any Processor.
> Maybe I am just getting old and impatient :)
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