[ALUG] Cataloguing a phone

Simon Elliott alug at sionide.net
Tue Feb 8 22:09:16 GMT 2011

On 8 February 2011 13:17, Chris Walker
<cdw_alug at the-walker-household.co.uk> wrote:
> I've just bought my wife a new phone, a Nokia C6 and want to make sure that
> everything is off the old phone, a Nokia N95.

Nokia's don't run Linux...! We only support Android phones on this list. ;)

> But how do I see what's on them?

Normally the phone will ask if you want to connect it in "PC Suite"
mode or just Mass Storage Device. Choose Mass Storage and copy/cut
paste stuff off it. The PC Suite backup, restored to another Nokia
handset should have all the messages and contacts

> My wife tells me that there are some important messages and pictures on the
> N95 which she doesn't want to lose.

They can't be that important if she hasn't already got them backed up
elsewhere!! Argh, I'm in tech support mode from work...! I tell this
to so many students. Perhaps don't mention that...

So, in summary, I would take a wild guess that the phone might be set
to automatically run as "PC Suite" mode which is utterly useless on a
Linux box. Find the bit in the Connectivity settings where you can set
it to ask you what mode to connect with when USB is plugged in..

Use the file manager app on the phone to move stuff off the C: phone
memory, onto the E: memory card so you can get at it in the Mass
Storage mode. Although 95% of gumf on the phone memory is all part of
the Symbian system and not any use. All images should be on the E:
memory card.

Worst case scenario, fire up bluetooth on both devices and send stuff
over that way.

Once the N95 is empty, format the SD card (several times, zeros/ones
writes i.e. dban if you're mega paranoid) and factory reset the
device, send it off to one of those phone recycling type companies and
collect your cheque for ~£70-80. Do not pass go.

Hope this helps..
Ex Nokia User / Android Convert

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