[ALUG] Truths In SSD Writes

Anthony Anson tony.anson at girolle.co.uk
Mon Feb 14 23:28:36 GMT 2011

Simon Royal wrote:
> Hi
> I am awaiting the arrival of an Asus EeePC, which is SSD based.
> Ive been reading about the limited writes on SSD, with conflicting info.
> Does anyone have a clear info on this. Do they have limited write
> capabilities?

Maybe - but unless you intend keeping it for half a century you're not 
likely to notice it.

I have a USB memory stick (well, I have half a dozen, but...). It is 64 
MB. AFAICT it hasn't lost any of its marbles, and it's been frequently 
used since it was new, so its likely you can forget the 'effect'.

> Is this within a normal users/machines lifespan? What
> happens when it reaches it write limit.

You will probably be old and grey (like me) and be on your Nth flaptop 
cum notebook.

> There are tricks to reduce write such as use a non-journalised file
> system like ext2 instead of ext3/4 and do not use a swap partition.

The write to pattern is random enough as it is.

Tony Anson

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