[ALUG] question about logging user activity

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 17 08:25:04 GMT 2011


We have got a grant from a charity to install a system which gives public access 
to a few hundred  graphical exhibits, basically stuff we would like to have on 
display, but either they are too fragile, they are too big, or there is no space 
to hang them.  To make the thing accessible we really need to have a reasonable 
amount of the information associated with the graphic, a few hundred words of 
prose, and probably a thumbnail. 

The grant was enough to buy is a nice big screen, we will reuse an older 
computer to drive it, and we'll mount it on a suitable stand for the public, and 
it also covered scanning these often very large graphics.

We have pretty much decided to use tellico as the interface for this purpose.  

This is partly because all the information is in tellico already, its what we 
use for the main catalogue, so it saves work, and it means that keeping 
everything in sync is real easy.  

I feel OK about all this part, its just background and not the thing I'm asking 

A condition of the grant (as is apparently usual nowadays) is that we do 
tracking and evaluation on how much and if possible how the system is being 
used.  This is the question.  In the above circumstances, what would you use to 
log user interactions?

If we only logged numbers of uses of the app, that would be a start, and a lot 
easier than getting questionnaires filled out, which people probably will not do 
anyway.  If we could log which graphcs are being looked at, and how often, that 
would be very nice as we could think about other ways of making them more 

Any suggestions?  I am sure it must be possible, but a quick pointer to what 
people have used successfully for this kind of thing could save an awful lot of 
flailing around.


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