[ALUG] Recommendations wanted for small, probably laser, printer

Wayne Stallwood ALUGlist at digimatic.co.uk
Fri Feb 18 23:40:26 GMT 2011

On 18/02/11 17:15, Bev Nicolson wrote:
> <<  So, any recommendations, obviously we want it to be Linux compatible as
>   well, but that's about it - compact, laser, linux compatible.>>
> One of these.
> http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/uk/en/ho/WF25a/18972-18972-3328059-3328066-3328066-4110394.html
> Definitely Linux friendly and compact. Imo, HP Laser printers are the
> cat's pyjamas but ymmv.

My mileage does vary because I hate the small HP printers, the low end 
ones use nasty foil belt fusers which die frequently and write the 
printer off and I think last time I looked they worked out more 
expensive per page than anything else.

Oh and not that it matters here but never ever use the CD to install an 
HP printer on Windows...1GB of crudware for a printer...thanks HP, even 
the "minimal" installer tends to have a nice collection of software to 
take over the perfectly functional print spooler, provide links to buy 
consumables from your taskbar and nag you frequently for not giving HP 
marketing your contact details.

I'd say Brother probably make the best small lasers, Samsung also make 
some nice ones..both of which tend to work out cheaper per page than HP 
and AFAIK they are all Linux friendly

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