[ALUG] Shoutcast list no longer available to Linux?

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Sat Feb 19 11:20:16 GMT 2011

Chris G wrote:
> Does anyone here use shoutcast to find stations?  I can't get it to work
> again (after an interval of several months) in either Exaile or Rhythmbox.
> When I try and download the Shoutcast station list nothing happens, or
> at least nothng gets downloaded.

A while ago, AOL's Shoutcast moved its directory from yp.shoutcast.com
to www.shoutcast.com and changed the format into a
needlessly-javascript-and-cookie-using user-interface disaster so I
guess you'll need to upgrade anything that downloads station lists.

One alternative station list is http://dir.xiph.org/ but it's different
and not as big as shoutcast.

Hope that helps,
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