[ALUG] Getting started with git

Mark Rogers mark at quarella.co.uk
Sat Feb 19 21:01:22 GMT 2011

Hopefully a quick and easy question...

I have some code developed for a website on a test (Linux) box, which 
I'll call TestServer. A colleague has a copy, mostly in sync (manually), 
on his Windows desktop, ("WindowsDesktop"). Both of these are in my 
office behind my office firewall.

I need to get the code onto a Linux box located in another office 
("RemoteServer") in such a way as to allow me to make changes anywhere 
and manage the synchronisation, so I plan on setting up a git repository 
on my external server ("HostedServer"), and pull the site from (and push 
back changes to) it from RemoteServer.

Of-course my starting point is that all of this has been done so far 
without any version control or other synchronisation. So, are there any 
pitfalls I should be aware of if I now try to get everything into git? 
Should I at least try to get everything synchronised in one location 
first? (I'd rather not, as I'd prefer to use git to manage that sync.)

Are there any issues I need to be aware of given that one person will be 
using a Windows box? (I'm assuming they'll use TortoiseGit; I'll 
probably set things up on my Windows laptop too.)

I've asked questions about git here here before and played around with 
it but still not used it in anger, but now I have someone I need to 
share development with I'm determined to finally get it together and use 
git properly. I don't want to ruin that ambition and fall flat by 
starting out wrong!

Secondary issue: the sites make extensive use of a database. I should at 
least make attempts to ensure that the database schema is managed by git 
(but not the data in the database). Any suggestions as to how best to do 

Mark Rogers

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