[ALUG] Installation fled to the bowels of /

Brett Parker iDunno at sommitrealweird.co.uk
Tue Feb 22 18:36:50 GMT 2011

On 22 Feb 15:49, Brett Parker wrote:
> On 22 Feb 13:14, Anthony Anson wrote:
> > On the flatpot running Lenny, installed the Vodafone dongle using (if I  
> > remember the name corretly), Gdeb
> >
> > Ran the files down in user/shared, but can find no way of putting a link  
> > up to the 'desktop' or anywhere sensible, like Applications/internet
> >
> > Anyone have a pointer, please?
> Install network-manager, use the network-manager applet. Done.
> (Also, if we could have slightly more intelligable English so that the
> non-natives can read it, and so that it's more easily indexed for people
> with the same issue... that would be much appreciated.)
> Basically, for 3G dongles, the easiest way to have an accessable from
> desktop way of bringing it up/putting it down is to use network manager
> and configure it in there. That's what we use on the netbooks that our
> engineers take on site because they can easily understand it.

Just for ease, the package in lenny is called network-manager. A simple
apt-get install network-manager so be all you need.

Brett Parker

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