[ALUG] unison error

Wayne Stallwood ALUGlist at digimatic.co.uk
Sat Jan 1 17:12:06 GMT 2011

On 18/12/10 08:47, Stuart Bailey wrote:
> I have 2 servers that synchronise data each night using unison. They
> have been working fine for about 3 months.
> Just recently we re-organised the data, which caused a large sync event,
> but was successful.
> Since then, unison returns a value of 139, rather than 0 (success). The
> sync seems to work OK, but I can't find what this 139 error code means.
> Any ideas?

When command from a shell script gets a signal the returned value has 
128 added to it...so your real return signal is 11 SIGSEGV which means 
your unison process is segfaulting.

The chances are that your sync in this case is only ever partially complete.

I would run it without -terse and with -debug all from the shell and see 
if you can find where it is going wrong. It might be hitting something 
in one file it doesn't like and I have seen this when hitting a funny 
character in a filename before.

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