[ALUG] Sleep/Hibernate R31 Issues

Simon Royal mrsimonroyal at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 22:17:06 GMT 2011


I've been playing and digging about info on getting a ThinkPad R31 to sleep
under Ubuntu. It seems to be a sticky issue under most distros.

It goes to sleep but it does not wake. No matter what you do you cannot get
it to come back. So, until I could find a work around I set closing the lid
to 'Blank Screen' so at least the screen went off.

So Suspend (Fn+F4) doesn't work. However, I did get Hibernate to work using
both Fn+F12 and setting 'close lid' to hibernate. It takes a few seconds to
wind down. Waking up is fairly nippy - faster than Ive had on other machines
- it boots, IBM splash screen, grub, 20 seconds of flickering etc and it
comes up to a password and bang - everything is there.

I can live with that, but I really would like to stop it asking for a
password on resume. I cant find any option in under the Power Manager
screen. Does anyone know of a way stopping it asking for a password.

If anyone know of a way of getting sleep to work properly - ie lid shut,
machine shuts off, lid open, machine comes back to life - then it would be

This seems to be the last glitch - besides the ThinkPad button and audio
buttons - to be ironed out.



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