[ALUG] Lock Up Resolved

Simon Royal mrsimonroyal at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 22:34:08 GMT 2011


Following up on my problem with Ubuntu locking up my ThinkPad R31 yesterday.
Removing the internal wireless card - an Intel 2200BG - resolved it. Not
sure whether it was a general problem with Ubuntu and that card or just my
card. It has been floating around in my spares box for a while.

Another thing I noticed was yesterday the fan would come on every ten
minutes, quite forcefully. I thought it was just because I was doing a lot
on the machine - well, I was just surfing, DropBox and Skype, nothing much

Today, I have heard the machine fans only twice all day. I have done about
the same on it. I actually dont do much else ever on my laptop.

I am wondering whether it is related.



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