[ALUG] Request Tracker (RT)

Wayne Stallwood ALUGlist at digimatic.co.uk
Wed Jan 5 23:00:32 GMT 2011

On 04/01/11 14:30, Laurie Brown wrote:

> With RT, we like the idea of a queue per client or function, and we have
> written reporting tools to assist billing and stats.  From your comment
> above, it sounds as if OTRS will provide the latter, but does it use
> queues, or have some similar functionality? There's a Turnkey Linux VB
> image for this, which I think we'll play with, but I'd appreciate a
> brief synopsis if you have the time, please.

Yes it does use Queues, Although I am not sure how well the user 
interface works if you have lots and lots of them.

How we work with it is we have one Engineering team that are responsible 
for maintaining several customer products plus some equipment on site.

I have some product specific queues for support enquiries, then I have 
queues for Engineering functions such as scheduled service, 
installations, Post Delivery Prep, Site Visits, Site surveys etc and a 
Queue for Internal Engineering (non customer) tickets.

Support calls for a product go into the products queue, this queue then 
notifies any engineers that are trained on that product. The 
installation of a new machine has a ticket generated in Site Surveys 
(being the first function of a new installation) and we then move that 
ticket between the other queues depending on it's status.

Then I added a free text field which is the Machine Serial number and a 
Drop down for the equipment type (product). So given a serial number I 
can see a whole machine history from the day it was taken out of the 
box. That so far has pretty much been the extent of my modifications 
beyond setting up queues and users.

Hope that helps but it is best to have a play and get your head around 
the configuration options (there are lots) . The PDF manual is pretty 
good too.

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