[ALUG] why won't it start?

Brett Parker iDunno at sommitrealweird.co.uk
Thu Jan 6 10:48:37 GMT 2011

On 05 Jan 19:45, Anthony Anson wrote:
> Chris Walker wrote:
> >I've just grabbed a copy of Xara (http://www.xaraxtreme.org/). I
> >remember it from Acorn days and it was a superb program then.
> /snip/
> Drawing and graphics prog? I didn't know it had been penguinised...

That's the one, it's also "free" for linux, and they charge for the
windows version.

I've got it installed from the debian unstable package (but then, my
laptop runs debian unstable... so, erm...)

  apt-get install xaralx

For those running unstable :)

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