[ALUG] OK, so as an interim measure...

Anthony Anson tony.anson at girolle.co.uk
Fri Jan 7 19:52:05 GMT 2011

Supposing I do decide to dump Xan dross - I can get the contents of this 
HDD onto a Mini SD card.

But, not wanting to burn my boats until I have a decet distro up and 
running, what do I need to do to copy it so that it's bootable from USB 
card reader?

Or failing that, memory stick?

Thinks: prolly better to install the new distro to a memory stick and 
get used to it first? IIRC, I had prombles getting this (early) Eee to 
boot from USB.

Nev! Marmalade sometime next week? (ALUG minimeet in Fat Cat innit)

Tony Anson

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