[ALUG] OK, so as an interim measure...

Anthony Anson tony.anson at girolle.co.uk
Sat Jan 8 11:44:23 GMT 2011

nev young wrote:
> On 07/01/11 19:52, Anthony Anson wrote:
>> Nev! Marmalade sometime next week? (ALUG minimeet in Fat Cat innit)
> As long as it's not Tuesday.
> Will be out all pee em
> Prolly not a good idea to turn up at the quack at 4 pee em on Monday 
> issped either :-)

Ta - aisle limber-up the planner. In the meantime, delve into the BIOS 
to see whether I've missed something. I presume the EeeBIOS can be 
updated if it won't boot from USB in this early version - others with 
later ones do.

And that will mean bringing the Ikea^h^h^flatpack^h^h^flaptop 'cos the 
Eee won't play with the Portly Pussy wi-fi innit.

<cue whinge about oomeback> A bag full of Acer, Eee, peripherals etc 
really needs wheels.

Tony Anson

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