[ALUG] R31 Locks when removing adapter

nev young nev at nevilley.demon.co.uk
Sun Jan 9 09:07:06 GMT 2011

On 06/01/11 13:36, Simon Royal wrote:
> Hi
> I have an R31. It came with a dead battery. I bought a genuine IBM one from ebay and it works, but if you pull the lead out while it is charging it locks the laptop up.
> Two of the lights under the screen - caps lock and the screen one - flash.
> It does it in Ubuntu, but works fine in XP.
> Any ideas?
I have the same problem with one of my laptops.
If I remove the audio-out lead while it is switched on it crashes with 
two flashing lights. (Num lock and cap lock I think).

I suspect it is caused by a (static?) discharge as I have been able to 
measure a potential of about 150 volts between the two devices (laptop & 
TV set) although there is no current available to do any (much) damage.

I just fall back on the old hardware adage of "don't plug or unplug 
under power".


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