[ALUG] Hang on resume from suspend to disc in 2.6.35

Dan vi5u0-alug at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 20 12:22:16 GMT 2011

On Tue, 18 Jan 2011, Dan wrote:

> On Mon, 6 Dec 2010, Dan wrote:

>>  My Acer Aspire One, with the kernels known in Gentoo as
>>  2.6.35-gentoo-r4 or 2.6.35-gentoo-r12, hangs on resume from suspend to
>>  disc - after counting up to 100% and printing the message "Suspending
>>  consoles (use no_console_suspend" to debug)".

> We can add 2.6.36-gentoo-r5 to the list of affected kernels.  What's
> more, the problem has become more urgent, because the combination of a
> recent xorg upgrade and kernel bug #13811
> <https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13811> is forcing me to
> upgrade from the unaffected 2.6.34 kernel.

I've investigated a little more.

The good news is that I can get reliable resuming by using the
"nomodeset" boot parameter to disable kernel mode setting (so perhaps
kernel bug #13811 is not as "fixed" as we'd like to think?)

The bad news is that this is not a useful workaround, because the
version of the xf86 Intel video driver that has recently been marked
stable in Gentoo refuses to work without kernel mode setting. And I
can't just downgrade the video driver, because it's so thoroughly
integrated with the rest of Xorg. Any ideas, please?

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