[ALUG] PCMCIA wireless

Simon Royal mrsimonroyal at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 08:23:56 GMT 2011


Ive had a number of power problems under Ubuntu and finally worked out it was to do with my Edimax PCMCIA wireless card.

It works fine but causes oddities when running off battery. I know it sounds odd but I have tried everything else to resolve it locking up under battery and without it in it works fine. So I switched to a USB wireless stick.

Now, I broke one of my USB ports yesterday and would like to free up the other one by getting rid of the USB wireless stick I have.

What I would like to know is, is my lock up problems going to happen with any PCMCIA wireless card or just my Edimax which is RaLink based.

My USB stick is a PlusCom which in Windows shows up as a ZyDas. It is 1121B based, which is not RaLink.

I have a Broadcom based Buffalo card floating around which I know works under Linux with additional drivers available.

I need to work out whether it is the PCMCIA bus causing problems or just the card.

Any help, advice or previous experience appreciated.


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