[ALUG] external HDD

Anthony Anson tony.anson at girolle.co.uk
Tue May 19 13:48:37 BST 2015

On 15/05/15 19:09, Nev Young wrote:
> On 15/05/15 14:07, Anthony Anson wrote:
>> On 15/05/15 14:02, Chris Walker wrote:
>>> On Fri, 15 May 2015 13:43:25 +0100
>>> Anthony Anson <tony.anson at girolle.co.uk> wrote:
>>>> Just bought a portable hard drive enclosure and USB2 connection
>>>> cable. The cable has two large USB connectors at one end - the second
>>>> of which has a much shorter and skinnier cable; and a mini connector
>>>> at the enclosure end.
>>> That will be for power.
>>>> My not-very-portable storage of similar type, but big, has only one
>>>> USB connector per end of its cable.
>>>> I infer from this that the only one of the connectors at the pooter
>>>> end should be (need be?) plugged in?
>>> I don't think so.
>>>> The 500 GB HDD in the enclosure is SATA, as is the 160 GB one in the
>>>> notebook. (because I had thought of installing things on the big one
>>>> and puting it in the notebook...)
>>>> Anyway, I can't poke it into life. I get the rude message:
>>>> /Unable to mount location/
>>>> and underneath that:
>>>> /Can't mount file./
>>>> Where is the fault? Hardware? Me?
>>> Take your pick ;-)
>>> Plug both connectors in, the power one first, wait a couple of seconds
>>> and then plug in the USB data connector. Is it recognised now?
>> That's easy - tried it the other day: exactly the same error tile.
> Could it be that the SATA drive has not yet been formatted?

Shouldn't matter - you need access to format it.

> Does the enclosure have/need a power connector as well as the USB
> connector.



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