[ALUG] external HDD

Anthony Anson tony.anson at girolle.co.uk
Thu May 21 11:29:54 BST 2015

On 19/05/15 21:54, Nev Young wrote:
> On 19/05/15 13:48, Anthony Anson wrote:

>>> Could it be that the SATA drive has not yet been formatted?
>> Shouldn't matter - you need access to format it.

> Indeed, and it appears that you have access as it is recognised.
> However, you need a partition to mount it.
> GParted would be your friend if you had it.

I seem to have it amongst Mint

> Next time you're near my hovel why not drop in with the drive and I'll
> check it out on my PC.
Indeed: why not? Thanks - wilco.

>>> Does the enclosure have/need a power connector as well as the USB
>>> connector.
>> No.
> Ah that's not the problem then.

Just about to pour 32-bit Mint into a USB thingy. When I fire-up this 
box it goes straight into Grub, and it's pretty likely that Grub will 
find the 32-bit Mint 17 - after all, it found the 64-bit one innit.


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