Tony tony.bronze at tiscali.co.uk
Wed May 27 12:51:54 BST 2015

Personal opinion of W7 is that it is bloated resource hog.  Basic 
install consumes around 20gb.  Is there not a linux alternative to 
Irfanview you could use?  I use Shotwell to download and catalogue 
captures, Luminance HDR to process RAW HDR's, Gimp and Darktable to 
tweak and refine.    Fotoxx could be an alternative to try.

On 27/05/15 12:20, Anthony Anson wrote:
> <dips toe in water>
> Just bought a rather nice secondhand notebook with Windows 7 Pro on 
> it, but no CD as it is one of a corporate batch.
> I was going to reformat the drive, but - comparatively speaking, of 
> course - what's 7 Pro like?
> Should I hive it off into a separate partition, or put my street-legal 
> XP Pro into Virtual Box? I only want it to run Irfanview...

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