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Wed Jan 13 12:04:34 GMT 2016

On Tue, 12 Jan 2016 23:01:33 +0000
steve-ALUG at hst.me.uk wrote:

> On 12/01/16 20:05, Bill Hill wrote:
> > On 12/01/2016 19:03, Chris Walker wrote:
> >> it was taking a long time. It's trying to rsync /proc/kcore and
> >> it's
> > /proc is a virtual filesystem - no real files, just a
> > "filesystem-like" view into the current state of the system. For
> > example, /proc/meminfo is a summary of the state of the system's
> > memory usage, or /proc/423/cmdline is the command line options for
> > process 423, or /proc/fs/ext4/mmcblk0p2/options is a list of the
> > current mount options of ext4 filesystem on partition 2 of device
> > mmcblk0p2 And /proc/kcore is a look into the current kernel
> > addressable memory space. Some of it will be real memory, most
> > won't. So, you don't need to and shouldn't back up anything
> > in /proc Or for that matter some of the other virtual/temporary
> > file systems, e.g. /sys or possibly /tmp.
> >
> > Bill
> >
> You know that list that started this:

It's because of that and the continuing problems that I need an
up-to-date backup.

> Filesystem                     Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
> devtmpfs                       3.0G     0  3.0G   0% /dev
> tmpfs                          3.0G  1.4M  3.0G   1% /dev/shm
> tmpfs                          3.0G  940K  3.0G   1% /run
> /dev/sdb5                      7.6G  7.2G     0 100% /
> /dev/sdb7                      7.6G  5.6G  1.7G  78% /usr
> tmpfs                          3.0G     0  3.0G   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
> tmpfs                          3.0G   88K  3.0G   1% /tmp
> /dev/sdb8                      849G  202G  647G  24% /home
> tmpfs                          597M   12K  597M   1% /run/user/1000
> A quick rule (that I've just invented) is probably back up anything
> that has a file system tmpfs or
> devtmpfs.
> In my rsync backup job I have --exclude-from=excludefilelist
> excludefilelist contains (amongst other things)
> /sys/*
> /dev/*
> /proc/*
> /media/*
> /mnt/*
> /tmp/*
> /lost+found/*
> /home/MAINUSER/.gvfs/*
> /home/MAINUSER/.gvfs
> /var/tmp/*
> /root/.Trash/*
> /root/.local/share/Trash/*
> *.iso
> home/MAINUSER/.local/share/Trash/*
> home/\\*/.local/share/Trash/*
> /home/\\*/.gvfs/*
> /exports/*

I've created a script to do the rsync stuff and have added those to the
exclude list.

> Be careful if you back the disk somewhere on the same disk.
> (Actually, in Linux, you probably have to be careful about this
> almost every time).

It's being backed up to a 1TB disc which is fixed in the machine and is
used as a transit storage between the linux side and Windows 10 (the
machine dual boots).

> Imagine you are backing up all files on /.
> You are backing up to /mnt/externaldrive.
> /mnt/externaldrive is a subdirectory of /.  If you back up / it will 
> back up to /mnt/externaldrive that will begin to fill up. Eventually
> as the backup proceeds, it will start backing up /mnt/externaldrive.
> This directory includes all the files that it's backed up already, so
> it backs them up.  As it does this, there are more files in 
> /mnt/externaldrive, which it backs up, until your disk fills up.
> The solution is to exclude the mount point for your backup drive, or
> all mount points (as I have done).

The drive to which I'm doing the backup is mounted
as /media/Disc_Swap_Space/ so /media/ was already on the exclude list.
I also have a NAS drive which is also mounted at /media/. I've fallen
at that hurdle before!

> I hope that gives you some pointers

Indeed it does. Thanks too to Bill Hill for his ideas.

Next question!

I want to wipe everything from this drive and re-install with the
latest release of Mageia 5. I also want to repartition the disc to
avoid running out of space in the future. Is there a good guide
somewhere that people would advise me to look at before doing that?

I realise that I can just search for something but I want a guide that
people think is the definitive guide and one that can be trusted for
good advice.

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