[ALUG] No space for Audacity

steve-ALUG at hst.me.uk steve-ALUG at hst.me.uk
Wed Jan 13 14:38:13 GMT 2016

On 13/01/16 12:04, Chris Walker wrote:
> Next question! I want to wipe everything from this drive and 
> re-install with the latest release of Mageia 5. I also want to 
> repartition the disc to avoid running out of space in the future. Is 
> there a good guide somewhere that people would advise me to look at 
> before doing that? I realise that I can just search for something but 
> I want a guide that people think is the definitive guide and one that 
> can be trusted for good advice. 

Definitive guide?  Ha!  That's a good one! :-)  I think you'll have to 
google and find various opinions!  Good luck!

When I started, I just had everything in /
I then have progressed to having / and /home.
I think some people have /, /home, /var and /tmp, possibly more.

The reason for more partitions is, say, some rogue process or interenet 
attack filling up a log file (say) - if the log files are in /var and 
that's in a separate partition, then just that partition will fill up, 
and hopefully your system will fail gracefully, or not fail at all.  
However, you've got to balance that with the hassle of having multiple 

For instance, you won't run into the "running out of space" problem if 
everything's stored under /, unless something fills up the entire disk.  
However, if this does happen, then you're in trouble,

I haven't gone down the "loads of partitions" route because I don't know 
how to apportion the disk space.  For instance, if you have a /, /home, 
/var and /tmp, how much space should you allocate to each.  What do you 
do if you get it wrong?  This is especially hard for me as my setup also 
has RAID, which adds another level of complexity.   I *think* that you 
can use something called LVM (I think) which (possibly) stands for 
Logical Volume Manager to create partions that can be easily resized.  
Otherwise, I don't know how you can resize your partitions without 
starting from scratch - perhaps it can be done, I don't know!

I don't know how magea works.  However, there may be some mileage in 
this (which I think is the approach that Mint takes.  Generate a list of 
installed packages (your package manager should be able to do this - 
(apt can I think, so can synaptic).  Copy all the stuff you need, esp 
you /home directories and /etc for all the config files.  Format and 
repartition, install, then run the list of packages that were installed 
through your package manager to ensure that they're reinstalled.  Tweak 
the config files, restore /home.

That may work in theory, but I've not tried it.  In Ubuntu for example, 
some packages get obsoleted and replaced by others.  I don't know how 
the above approach would cope with that.

Good luck.


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