[ALUG] Printing

Christopher Dawkins cchd at pjcd.org
Fri Jan 15 18:17:54 GMT 2016

>   1. Good option for occasional printing (Steve Engledow)

I have an LJ6M that is nearly twenty years old and still working, although 
it occasionally mangles the paper. However, I now mostly use an HP 
OfficeJet Pro 8620, which did cost £130. But (with an extra eight pounds 
or so on the PrinterShare app) it prints documents wirelessly from my 
Android as well as via CUPS (I hate CUPs, by the way) from all my 
Linux/FreeBSD machines, it's a colour photocopier, it sheet feeds and it 
duplexes, and the cost per print seems fine once you get onto the big 
cartridges. Whatever, the ability to print email attachments from a the 
comfort of a phone is worth a lot to me!

Colour photographs need expensive paper, however: the colour laser I had 
before this did colour photos well on normal paper.

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