[ALUG] Good option for occasional printing

Anthony Anson tony.anson at girolle.co.uk
Thu Jan 21 11:48:06 GMT 2016

On 15/01/16 10:30, Steve Engledow wrote:
> Printing has long been the bane of my (and I'm sure most people's)
> existence and several years back, I swore I would never buy another
> printer.
> However, I have a new job now which is based from my home and I no
> longer have the convenience of the office printer for the occasional (a
> couple of times a month) return label or plane ticket.
> What I'm looking for is something that will solve my needs for a
> reasonable price. The last time I bought a printer, it cost me £30 and
> included some ink that ran out after around 15 pages of black and white.
> Replacement ink cost me around £45. I've got two short words for that.
> Does anyone have any recommendations? I'll only need B&W, A4, and have
> no need for high resolution print.


I bought a HP monochrome laser printer in Argos for around a ton. This 
has sorted my dead-ink reservoir prombles.

You *can* get them a lot cheaper there, but beware! Check whether you 
can get the refill toner cartridges before you buy. I made a list of all 
the monochrome laser printers on offer, and the HP was the only one my 
local fiendly pootershop could source.


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