[ALUG] FTP servers with remote admin tools

Laurie Brown laurie at brownowl.com
Fri Jan 29 17:52:04 GMT 2016

On 29/01/16 17:39, mick wrote:


> (And thanks to Laurie for the pointer to Ansible.)

My pleasure! It's the business. I went to this bloke's presentation at
DoxLON last year which was a shoot-out between Chef, Puppet and Ansible.
We were open-minded about CM tools, and in the end myself and my mate
much preferred Ansible, and not just because the presentation was good:


See also: http://probably.co.uk/being-a-part-of-it.html

His entire blog is worth a look for Ansible stuff, actually.

Cheers, Laurie.
                               Laurie Brown
                           laurie at brownowl.com

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