[ALUG] nut upsmon comms issues

Mark Rogers mark at more-solutions.co.uk
Mon Nov 14 08:05:51 GMT 2016

Anyone here got more experience of UPS monitoring than I have?

I have a UPS configured and working, however it periodically loses
communications. I'm not too concerned about that - the server is due
for replacement in the next couple of months anyway - but the comms
errors are generating emails that I'd like to tweak so they're not
filling my inbox.

My inbox is filled with COMMBAD emails, followed within seconds (under
a minute, usually) by COMMOK. So I'd like to put a delay on the
triggering of a warning.

The parameter that looks right is NOCOMMWARNTIME in /etc/upsmon.conf,
but it defaults to 300s (5 min) anyway; I upped it to 600s (10min)
with no change. I think on re-reading the man pages that this affects
how often the warning is sent once triggered, not how long after
detection the first warning gets sent.

The emails get sent to a dedicated "systems" mailbox that should only
get stuff that needs action, so getting a COMMBAD/COMMOK pair every
few hours is quite frustrating. But turning off monitoring altogether
seems like a bad "fix".

Any suggestions?

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