[ALUG] Digital Ocean

Jonathan McDowell noodles at earth.li
Fri Nov 18 09:45:21 GMT 2016

On Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 09:57:01PM +0000, Mick wrote:
> Now Tor operators tend to be a suspicious, sometimes paranoid, bunch,
> but given that DO now has a substantial proportion of the Tor network
> on its ASs that suspicion may, just may, be justified. I still use DO
> because I get huge bandwidth for bugger all money (15 dollars a month,
> compared to the 12 quid I (happily) pay Bytemark for my
> mail/webserver). But I would not, and do not, use DO for anything I
> care about in personal terms (such as mail, or XMPP messaging).

I've got a single VM with DO that handles my parents' email (so running
exim/dovecot/roundcube and little else). Not had any issues with them
(and in terms of the traffic stuff you mentioned and I snipped I suspect
that people like me hardly using their allowance are averaging out with
people like you using a lot. Bandwidth in well connected datacentres has
got scarily cheap). Like you my personal stuff (such as the machine
which hosts this list) is with Bytemark.

> Most importantly from my (admittedly somewhat paranoid viewpoint) the
> VM allows me to choose my own kernel to go with the OS of my choice.
> DO don't do that. You get to "choose" one of their kernels underneath
> your installed OS.

This has changed; when I started I was limited to the DO provided
kernels, but my Debian VM with them is now using Debian provided kernels
I installed - they've got a "grub" option in the web interface now which
then boots a kernel from the VM image.


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