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Mark Rogers mark at more-solutions.co.uk
Mon Apr 10 13:20:27 BST 2017

On 10 April 2017 at 13:03, Chris Green <cl at isbd.net> wrote:
> As in wireless for what?  Controlling things like the central heating,
> lights, etc.?

No, just providing reliable wifi throughout the house, without dead
spots or issues handing over between repeaters.

At the moment, I never use Wifi at home on my mobile because 4G is way
more reliable - as well as faster - and I am lucky to have no usage
cap on it. But that means I don't have access to anything on my
(W)LAN. I'd like to switch to wireless at home but without the penalty
for being so rash as to move around while using it! I've tried several
repeaters and different wireless routers without success, and the
reviews of all the mesh systems seem to suggest that compared with all
the issues of normal wireless "it just works".

Also I feel like it might be a skill worth learning.

> Is a 100Mb/s port *really* a limitation for this sort of thing?  What
> would use lots of bandwidth?  ... or do you mean, by 'wireless
> products' streaming video around the place?

Well Wireless-N is capable of more than 100Mbps, and my home Internet
(Virgin) connection maxes out at close to 200Mbps, so putting in
infrastructure that limits it to 100Mbps just feels wrong to start
with. But yes, streaming video is one of the uses (from media held on
a box at home so not limited by the Internet connection), and
of-course that 100Mbps bottleneck would apply not per-user but as a
maximum total throughput, so having lots of devices using it is going
to see individual throughputs drop substantially.

Interestingly though I've found some suggestions [1] that using a USB3
Gigabit LAN adapter on the Pi (albeit limited to USB2 speeds) can make
a big increase.

[1] https://www.jeffgeerling.com/blogs/jeff-geerling/getting-gigabit-networking

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