[ALUG] Mesh wireless

Mark Rogers mark at more-solutions.co.uk
Wed Apr 12 10:25:08 BST 2017

On 12 April 2017 at 10:18, Laurie Brown <laurie at brownowl.com> wrote:
> Each WAP (and I have a couple of "ordinary" WAPs as well) broadcasts the
> same SSID, use the same password, but use different channels,
> preserving, as much as possible, "three channels of separation".
> Wifi availability wandering around the house and exterior is seamless.

I live in an estate where there isn't much choice of unused
channels... (I'm sure that mesh wifi must have the same issue though.)

It would probably be easier to set up one wireless network for the
entire cul-de-sac than getting something reliable in each house
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