[ALUG] Mesh wireless

Mark Rogers mark at more-solutions.co.uk
Thu Apr 13 14:35:38 BST 2017

On 13 April 2017 at 14:09, Mark Rogers <mark at more-solutions.co.uk> wrote:
> I think the lack of clear documentation as to what current hardware
> works well makes it hard to adopt (although I can't see a good way to
> fix that particular problem).

I found this review of current models:

Any thoughts?

I'm edging towards the AC3200 just for future-proofing; the warnings
on the page about firmware incompatibility aren't born out by the
openwrt/lede pages as far as I can tell and I can use stock firmware
to start with anyway. Of-course it's far from cheap and gets me into
mesh territory if I need two of them, but I'm tired of buying cheaper
models that don't quite have the oomph.
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