[ALUG] How to allow easy editing of www-data owned files - or other workarounds?

steve-ALUG at hst.me.uk steve-ALUG at hst.me.uk
Thu Dec 7 11:04:06 GMT 2017

On 07/12/17 11:00, Huge wrote:
> On Tue, 2017-12-05 at 09:52 +0000, Chris Green wrote:
>> The current problem is that
>> syncthing doesn't deal well with directories and files which have
>> different owners on different systems.
> In which case you either need to replace syncthing, or give the
> directories and files the same owners on different systems!

If you are replicating files between systems, it does help to have the 
same usernames, groups, user numbers/ids and group ids, at least for 
users who have files on multiple machines.


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