[ALUG] Writing to Google Sheets from bash

Mark Rogers mark at more-solutions.co.uk
Fri Feb 17 15:36:28 GMT 2017

I don't suppose anyone here has any experience of writing to Google
Sheets from bash? (Specifically, I'm trying to use curl to write
values into a pre-existing spreadsheet.)

I started with a fairly simple aim: To have a few Linux boxes
(servers, Pi's, etc) periodically update a central spreadsheet with
stuff like disk utilisation, updates pending, O/S version, etc.

However I haven't had to deal with OAuth2 before and I'm going round
in circles trying to find out exactly what authentication I need to
configure. My attempts at Googling have lead me into most of those
circles without getting me out again!

It seems like a useful concept to pursue but I have to admit I'm just
way out of my depth!

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