[ALUG] I have bought my laptop replacement

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Sat Jun 3 10:14:06 BST 2017

Well after much timewasting searching web sites, reviews, etc. and
listening to advice here and elsewhere I have bought my replacement
laptop (to replace my Thinkpad T430).

I decided to stay with Thinkpad Txxx as reviews indicate they are some
of the best machines around *and* they are good for Linux.

Rather more in hope than expectation I bid for a T470 on eBay and got
it for £650.  The T470 is the current T series model and this one has  
a latest (7th) generation Core i7 processor, 8Gb memory and a 256GB
SSD. It is ex-demo and thus virtually unmarked and comes with a full
3 year on-site warranty!  New price is around £1500.

Wow!  :-)

I have installed xubuntu 17.04 on it and it's lovely!  :-)

Chris Green

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