[ALUG] SSH clients

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Mon Jun 12 22:12:44 BST 2017

On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 11:20:37AM +0100, Mark Rogers wrote:
> I'll also look at SSH configuration thanks to Paul's suggestion.
That's the route I take.  I have shorter, easier to remember names for
all the systems I use, mostly just one word names which are the first
field of the domain name.

Then, in addition, I have some clever (?) stuff that sorts out whether
I'm connecting locally (across the LAN) or remotely to a couple of
systems.  Thus I can just type 'ssh esprimo' to conenct to my desktop
system at home whether I'm using a laptop downstairs or I'm away from
home somewhere.

Finally I have local DNS on the LAN at home so all systems are
accessible by their name alone when on the LAN.

Chris Green

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