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Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Mon Jun 12 23:50:47 BST 2017

** Mark Rogers <mark at more-solutions.co.uk> [2017-06-12 21:48]:
> On 12 June 2017 at 11:57, samwise <samwise at bagshot-row.org> wrote:
> > KeePass is a lot more powerful than first appears!
> >
> I've played with Keepass in the (distant) past but not recently, and it's
> looking like I should take another look.
> I currently use LastPass (cue cries of horror...) because its Android
> client generally works pretty well at auto-filling apps (including but not
> limited to browser). A quick Google shows that there are KeyPass clients
> for Android (and more than one to choose from!) but a quick glance suggests
> that while they may give access to the passwords it wasn't clear that
> auto-fill would be there.
> (KeePassDroid doesn't seem to have much in the way of feature
> documentation, but reading the documentation on Keepass2Android, which
> looks pretty well specified, it allows switching to a Keepass keyboard to
> auto-enter passwords but that doesn't sound as seamless as LastPass.)
> What do others use for synchronising their Keepass data securely between
> machines (including mobiles)? Is it possible to share certain sets of data
> between users?
** end quote [Mark Rogers]

I find Keepass does me quite nicely. On Android I use Keepass2Android for
preference, and to fill in the user/password fields I switch to the
Keepass2Android keyboard (unlocking the database as necessary - it has a
feature where once unlocked you only need the last 3 characters to re-unlock it
during a session). The keyboard has two keys on it that provide the user or
password, respectively, for the currently open entry in the Keepass database.

For sync'ing the database you can use Dropbox, although I'm planning to migrate
to Nextcloud once I have my setup sorted. Keepass2Android asks for permission
to save to Dropbox, and you can just give access to an app directory rather
than full access to everything, so there's no need for the Dropbox client to be
installed. With the file in a suitable Dropbox directory desktop and mobile can
work with the same database and merge changes as necessary.

On Windows (when I'm actually using it) I use the Keepass2 client, and up until
recently I've used the same on Linux running under Mono. That works quite
nicely, but I've been playing with KeepassXC recently - with mixed results.
Some features I prefer (managing permission to fill in forms on a per site
basis, and only filling in when you ask it to), but I'm having a few issues
getting it to match the password to the website where it seems to regularly
fall back to a single entry. I may need to tidy up my database as some of the
URLs that are automatically saved are a bit long and likely specific down to a
session in some cases - Keepass2 under Mono handles this better, but then it
did create most of the entrie!

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