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You may find the following link useful.  Not so much for the obvious
explanation, but more for the background   :-


Personally, I think it is a cynical attempt to keep one step ahead of an
'Open' format, in order to keep the world hooked on MS Office and the
spiralling costs.  But then I also see Microsoft as a 'single point of
failure' for the world.  However, the NHS came close to something like
that recently.  I wonder where the bug came from ?

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I've used Star Office / Open Office / Libre Office for all my writing
work since 
around 2000. Most editors though want work in MS file formats,
previously .doc, 
now .docx. I notice that Libre Office 5 'save as' function gives me the
to save in MS Word 2007 - 2013 XML (docx). Does anyone know if that's
latest? What does the new-fangled 'MS Office as a Service' use? Are we
going to 
run into compatibility issues all over again?

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