[ALUG] Linux with Gnome-2?

Ted Harding ted.harding at wlandres.net
Mon Jun 26 18:56:08 BST 2017

Greetings all!
As I posted a few days ago, I shall want to install Linux on
a new laptop. For years I have been using Gnome 2, since in
particular it provides for a row of "workspace" icons at
the bottom of the screen. I use 20 of these, since much
of the work I do involves switching between different
workspaces in which different jobs are going on in parallel
(and each could itself use up two or more workspaces).

A screengrab of what the screen looks like before I start
anything up is at:
The 20 workspace icons are at bottom right, and switching
between them is easy -- mouse-click, or "Ctrl-Alt-RightArrow"
or "Ctrl-Alt-LeftArrow".

This does not seem to be available on Gnome 3.

So can anyone point me to installation resources for a
Linux distribution which has Gbome 2?

Scientific Linux:
used to have Gnome 2 for some time after Gnome 3 came out,
but it seems that it now only has Gnome 3 (though I haven't
found definite confirmation of this on the SciLin website).

Any relevant info anf help will be much appreciated!
Thanks, and best wishes to all,

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