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Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Tue May 9 12:06:23 BST 2017

** Phil Thane <phil at pthane.co.uk> [2017-05-08 19:41]:
> This is Linux related, sort of, so I hope ALUG don't mind the apparently 
> random question. (cc'd to my old LUG in Wrexham, they're used to mad questions 
> from me).
> I have just bought a canal/river boat and want to use my Linux laptop on it. 
> The PSU for it is labelled 19v, 4.7 amps. The boat runs on 12v. The simplest 
> but quite pricy option is to get an inverter to create 220v AC then use the 
> standard PSU but apart from cost it lacks elegance.
> The boat has 2 completely separate circuits (at present, I'll probably re-wire 
> it next winter). There is a 12v battery charged by the engine that is used for 
> the engine starter and a few ancillaries such as the horn and nav lights. The 
> there is another 12v battery charged by a solar panel on the roof used for 
> cabin lights.
> If I connect the two in series I should get 24v then I should be able to 
> acquire (or even assemble) a DC-DC voltage regulator to bring it down to 19v.
> Anyone see any problems with that?
** end quote [Phil Thane]

Based on my experience of boats on the Broads (closer to what you have
probably) and my own sailing cruiser (less use of power and just has a single
12V battery at present) what about looking into chargers as used in cars. I
have one for my Lenovo that plugs into the accessories socket in my car and
directly into my laptop. I think it is probably just a few components
(resistors, etc.) to adjust the voltage inside the plug. It doesn't charge
quickly, but does keep things going on the road - or afloat when I wire up a
suitable connector; I don't use the laptop often on the water so a fully
charged battery does the trick, and in marinas (which I haven't used for years)
you now have mains hookup much like camp sites these days.

Oh, hi again, btw. I tend to collect LUG lists, particularly in places I like
to visit, hence the ones that cover Wales and Norfolk :) Oh, and Suffolk of
course! ;)

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