[ALUG] lappy aboard

Phil Thane phil at pthane.co.uk
Tue May 9 14:17:36 BST 2017

Thanks for your help guys. Similar answers from both sides, seems to be a 
choice of either a car adapter or a bare board type converter. The car type is 
likely to be easier, in fact I think it would be a good idea to fit a couple of 
'cigar lighter' type sockets when I do a refit in the winter. 

Regarding the two battery setup, I will keep them as engine battery and 
leisure battery, but probably fit a split charging circuit so that the leisure 
battery is topped up by the engine once the engine battery is full in case the 
solar panel doesn't supply enough once I add more lights, laptop, audio, 
shower pump... 

On the other hand it would be good to have the solar panel keep the engine 
battery topped up when we don't use it for a while, so will investigate split 
charging in both directions. Might get complicated unless someone makes a 
specialist control box for just that scenario, in which case it'll get 

Phil Thane

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