[ALUG] Reformatting a PDF

Mark Rogers mark at more-solutions.co.uk
Mon May 15 16:21:44 BST 2017

On 15 May 2017 at 15:52, mick <mbm at rlogin.net> wrote:
> Quote "If PDF is electronic paper, then pdftk is an electronic
> stapler-remover, hole-punch, binder, secret-decoder-ring, and
> X-Ray-glasses. Pdftk is a simple tool for doing everyday things with
> PDF documents." Unquote

OK, I've had a play.

$ pdftk Royal-Mail-Our-Prices-March-2017_0.pdf burst

.. created 16 separate single page PDFs (pg_0001.pdf up), each of
which is 8.27" x 3.9" in dimension.

How do I cram multiple pg_xxxx onto a single A4?

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